IS EXFOLIATION BAD FOR SKIN? – Clearing clouds off the facts

Taking care of our skin in a proper way requires just as much knowledge and understanding of skin science as it requires effort. One cannot just pick any product off the shelves and start slathering it on the face. Unsuitable ingredients can rather cause more harm than good. Also, it is not just about the ingredients, but also the process. There is a certain step-by-step methodology to follow in case you wish to extract maximal results from any product. Applying thick facial oils in the day would only attract more dirt and impurities (if not absorbed well into the skin). Applying a serum post applying a moisturizer would not bring much good as the thick consistency of the moisturizer would have formed a lubricating layer on the skin that acts as a barrier for the serum to penetrate any further. Same goes for the hair as well. Massaging of the shampoo should only be restricted to the scalp and not the length of the hair. On the contrary, conditioner should only be applied on the dead ends and through the length and never close to the scalp.

One may be using the most coveted of skincare brands, but if the right procedure is not kept up with, not many benefits would bloom out of the same. When it comes to the application of products, the thumb rule is to always follow the order of consistency of the product. The lighter products that are expected to penetrate deeper like a toner and serum come before in the order of application than the products with a thick viscosity like a moisturizing cream, lotion, or facial oil. The second thumb rule is that the skin protective lotion or sunscreen gel ALWAYS (always means always here!) forms the topmost layer and comes as the final step.  

‘Little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. And one should be wary of myths and hearsays when it comes to skin and hair care. Base your beliefs on some basic research from a trusted authority or a knowledge source. Breaking one myth at a time for you, let us explore everything about ‘Exfoliating your skin’ in this post.



Exfoliation is simply the removal of dead skin cells of the skin layers (the top layer ‘Epidermis’ primarily). There are quite a few ways in which exfoliation happens. Our skin has the innate tendency of shedding off the dead skin every 30 days. This is a natural process that keeps happening on its own. But most of the time it is not able to shed off completely and there is a lot of residual skin left that further clogs the pores, causing blackheads and acne breakouts. A skin that hasn’t exfoliated in a while appears, dull, tired, lackluster and drab.

Regular and efficient exfoliation can drastically enhance skin appearance. The skin looks much clearer, brighter and well-kempt. Another resultant benefit of exfoliating skin regularly is that it even aids better absorption of other skincare products that are applied topically. With pores being clean and open, the ingredients seep down better into the skin, thus amplifying their beneficial results. The emollient goodness of the moisturizer works better, the concentrated serum works on the flaws better, and even the facial oil goes in deeper and nourishes and repairs the skin much better.

‘No one ever liked any encumbering burdens in life, then why shall our skin bear the burdensomeness of those dead skin cells weighing unnecessarily on the health of our skin’-

Apart from the natural shedding that the skin does on its own, there is also physical and chemical exfoliation that we need to indulge our skin in, every now and then. ‘Physical Exfoliation’ is with the help of granules, scrubs, exfoliating ingredients that are applied to the skin and massaged for a little while, to remove all the impurities and dead cells. ‘Chemical Exfoliation’ is majorly through chemical peels and abrasive therapies that put into use chemicals to work their magic into the skin and effectively pull out all the dead skin.



Well, let’s not be greedy here and want to pull off our dead skin on a daily basis. Honestly, the skin doesn’t generate new cells at that pace and we would only end up ripping our skin of its quality and texture if we engage in an exfoliation regime that frequent. Once or twice a week sounds like the most optimum constancy. 

When it comes to skincare, natural and organically sourced products are the safest bet. For exfoliation, walnut, coffee, nuts, orange peels are some of the most exotic ingredients and their benefits are way too many. Apart from removing the dead skin, they also supplement the skin with their humectants goodness and refurbish with nourishment. But again, they should never be applied in their natural avatar. No matter how minuscule you mince the walnut, the harsh granules are skin going to bruise your skin and cause rashes. The raw and crude version may not be the most ideal form to apply directly onto our sensitive skin.



We suggest you use our ‘Glo Radiance Cell Exfoliant Scrub’ for gentle cleansing, and effective dead skin removal. This prodigious revitalizing facial scrub takes off all the dirt, pollution, and dead skin off your face, giving you the soft and smooth skin of a newborn! Pore density is considerably reduced as well as minimized in size, unveiling visibly clearer and even-toned skin. Consistent exfoliation of skin also enhances collagen production, the skin protein that is detrimental to skin elasticity and youthfulness. This nutrimental scrub is enriched with the goodness of organic ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Seed Butter and Shea Butter. 

Another well-recommended exfoliator from our rich bouquet of products is ‘Jasmine Scrub’. Formulated with the nutriment of exotic Jasmine, nourishing Shea Butter, and replenishing Almond Oil and Aloe Vera, this scrub does everything to get you rid of that dirt, impurities and dead cells that have been diminishing your glow for long. The scrub works on gently exfoliating the skin without being too hard on the outer epidermis layer, yet effectively sloughing off the dead skin cells. A soft, refreshed, and younger-looking skin waiting to see the light of the sun shines brightly from deep beneath. The scrub holds absolute freedom from Parabens, Silicones, EDTA, Glycol, and Petrolatum. 

For those of you bearing a dull, blemished, worn-out skin that has lost its glow to dead skin cells, our ‘Glo Radiance Skin Purifying Polisher’ is the answer to your woes. A rich blend of Papaya and Aloe extracts, this candescence inducing polisher purifies skin internally and minimizes decongested pores. It draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil and sebum off skin.   

Before using an exfoliator, clean your skin with a skin-specific cleanser. And post the ritual of exfoliation, do not forget to put some toner onto a cotton pad and dab into your skin. Open pores that have been swept clean with exfoliation would tighten and close with the toner. Complete the ritual with nourishing your skin with a day cream or moisturizer and as the final step in the regime, layer up with some thick sun protective lotion.

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