It is that time of the year again. The time of hot winds, direct sun rays, incessant sweating, light-weight everything from our clothing fabrics to skincare and the time to slather on a lot of sunscreen. Summers are upon us and in their full ferocity. Though the occasional breathers of light drizzles and refreshing winds do give a respite from the scorching heat, yet it is the month of May, when the summer season is bound to be in its full swing. It is a well established fact that our skin needs a different approach subjective to the needs of a particular season. Summers, winters, monsoons, they all call for a season-specific skincare regime and the better we are in tandem with these needs, the better for our skin. 

While winters are all about oils, butters, thick creams and skin conditioners, summers warrant us to rely on light-weight skincare products that quench the humidified and parched skin without being too heavy on the layers. Even the ingredients that constitute these products are quite consequential. For summers, your best allies are ingredients that are nourishing and revitalizing, yet do not overburden the skin, allowing it to breathe freely. The propensity has to be absolutely non-comedogenic, as the pores are already bearing the brunt of overzealous oil and sweat secreting glands in summers that go into an overdrive owing to the humid weather. With sweat being a constant summer companion, anything else that is too thick and stays on the layers of the skin for too long can’t translate to anything good. The ingredients should be such that they seamlessly absorb into the deeper layers, locking in all the moisture and restraining the glands from secreting too much oil or sweat. 



While curating your AM PM skin routine and fondly displaying your gels and creams on the vanity shelf, one should certainly know in deep the ingredients to specifically look out for in the summer season. We enlist some of the best ingredients that would bless your skin with a refreshed, glowing summer complexion. Thank us later.


ROSE EXTRACTS – Nature has always had bountiful to offer from its organic reservoir of goodness. Rose extracts are well revered for the soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that help lock in the moisture of the skin and keep any mild allergies and irritations at bay. The romantic petals also keep the skin’s pH balance well-maintained which might be hit off by the extreme dry and humid conditions in summers. And not to forget, the dreamy, cool and relaxing aroma of the flowers that is sure to soothe your senses and maybe your partner, too. We love a dab of our Classic Rose Toner on clean skin, just before applying the day cream, both in the morning and at night. 


CUCUMBER EXTRACTS– Slices of cool cucumber on the eyes, just the visual is comforting enough. Cucumber juice is well known to purify pores and keep them tightened. For its cooling and anti-inflammatory proclivity, it makes for a very potent ingredient in cleansers, toners, day creams and face packs. Best suited for an oily skin type, cucumber effectively constraints the skin’s acidic levels, while keeping it feeling light and refreshed. We recommend using our ‘Classic Cucumber Toner’, ‘D-Tan Face Wash, ‘D-Tan Face Pack’, and ‘Perfect Skin Tone Face Wash’ for people with oily to normal skin type. 


ALOE VERA – With almost 420 variations of the Aloe Vera plant, it might be noteworthy to mention that the most commonly and effectively used form is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller. Sardined with antioxidants, Vitamin A, C and more, the translucent Aloe gel can be a skin saviour in the blistering summer heat. It hydrates skin effectively, giving it a day-long moisturization while calming and pacifying any mild skin infections, allergies or rashes. Goes without saying, the plant extract feels as soothing as ice in summers and with regular use, is very potent in diminishing any acne scars, blemishes or even dark spots that one may have. We rely heavily on this ingredient for some of our most potent formulations; to name a few, ‘D-Tan Face Wash’, ‘D-Tan Face Scrub’, ‘D-Tan Face Pack’, ‘Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel’, ‘Glo Radiance Hydra Skin Cleanser’ and ‘Glo Radiance Skin Activating Nectar’.  


  • VITAMIN C – Even the least informed of us beauty aficionados are still aware of what a holy grail Vitamin C is for the skin. A powerful antioxidant, it curbs the production of excess oil, maintains bounce and elasticity, and also lightens the complexion. These are just a few of the benefits from the plethora of its goodness. With increased sun exposure in summers, the activity of the damaging free radicals also increases. Vitamin C protects our skin from these radicals and also curtails melanin production thereby counteracting hyperpigmentation and age spots. Since natural ingredients like Orange extracts, Lemon juice and Amla (Indian Gooseberry) are rich sources of Vitamin C, we suggest using some of our skincare products that consciously contain these ingredients and are best suited for a summer skincare regime. To name a few ‘Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel’ (contains Orange Fruit extract, Papaya extracts, Chamomile Flower extracts), ‘Glo Radiance Skin Activating Nectar’ (contains Orange Fruit extract, Papaya extracts, Chamomile Flower extracts), ‘Glo Radiance Skin Purifying Polisher (contains Orange Fruit extracts and Papaya), ‘Complexion Brightening Treatment Face Wash and Hydrant(contains Lemon extracts and Amla), ‘Acne Check Treatment Face Wash and Hydrant (contains Lemon extracts and Amla).
  • ARBUTIN – Uneven skin tone is already a skin hazard and the direct summer Sun just further aggravates the colour contrast also leading to other related concerns like tanning and pigmentation. Arbutin, better known as a derivative molecule from the bearberry plant, is used to prevent the formation of melanin. The ingredient, therefore, gains, even much more importance in summers when darkened skin becomes quite a concern. Without being too harsh on the skin (since it is a plant extract), Arbutin prevents discoloration and hyperpigmentation, skin conditions that are so reminiscent of the summer days. A few skincare products with active Arbutin essentials that shall be a priority in the summer season are ‘D-Tan Facial Cleanser’ and ‘D-Tan Face Pack’.   
  • MENTHOL – In simpler terms, menthol is a cooling natural substance found in mint plants such as peppermint and spearmint. When applied topically to the skin, it gives a cooling sensation and instantly relieves of any skin irritability or heightened sensitivity due to sun exposure or humid weather or soaring temperatures. In summers, the ingredient gains dire importance as it helps keep the skin hydrated, refreshed and calm for longer periods. Not to mention, it also keeps a tab on the oil and sweat glands. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, prone to react to anything mildly adverse, methanol is the name of the ingredient for you. To ascribe to the cooling tingle of this ingredient, we recommend from our range ‘Acne Check Treatment Hydrant’ and ‘Acne Healing Mask’.  

No denying, some weather conditions can take a toll on our skin and need a little more attention. But if we are in absolute conjunction with the needs of our skin and cater to it accordingly, nothing can keep us from attaining a healthy, glowing and summer fresh skin. 

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