A tired looking skin has appealed no one ever. As much as it does make for a visually unpleasing sight, a fatigued skin is also reflective of a degenerated physical health, mental anxiety and overall nutritive deprivation in the body. More than men, it is often found that women are more prone to a tired looking skin. Could it be because of being always overworked and overstretched against deadlines, psychological stresses, overbearing pressures to multitask and keep up with burdening responsibilities or just the disposition of their nefarious hormones?

Unfortunately, lost in the midst of so many misleading advertisement conceptions in the beauty world that are always focusing on the attainment of a brighter and fairer complexion, a fatigued skin is never really considered a skin concern. But intertwined in the complexities of the daily life, we do not even realize when our skin loses its luster and transforms into nothing but a dreary, drab layer of skin tissues. Opposed to the common belief, dull skin is not an outcome of skin aging, but a lot of other concerns. We are here to decode for you the causes behind a dull and tired looking skin and the ways to combat this skin condition.



As per the skin experts, one of the prime reasons for a dull looking skin is erratic modern lifestyles and cataclysmic proportions of stress in a normal man’s life. Irregular sleeping patterns, enormous hours in front of the blue rays emitting screens, hypertension, drinking and smoking and dependence on adulterated food products are just some of the many factors that take away the natural health and vivacity of the skin.

Environmental aggressors like pollution, dust and sun exposure only act to add on as external deteriorating agents for our skin health. For a lot of women, even if they religiously follow the daily CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) routines, their skin does not look lustrous and beaming with youthful effervescence. This is because their skin is still lacking the internal nutriment and sustenance that brings about bounce and suppleness on the exterior.

Our sleeping patterns too, are detrimental in affecting the glow on our skin. It is not just the eight hours of sleep that are needed for a beautiful skin, but eight hours of sound sleep. Also, sleeping late into the wee hours and then waking up late in the morning isn’t also what the right definition of beauty sleep is all about. They say that the skin repairs itself the best during the time we sleep. As per experts, the most ideal hours for benefitting sleep are from 10 pm to 6 am in the morning. Also, it is believed, that a 15-20 minute power nap in the daytime also brings about a plethora of benefits to the health of our skin. Good sleep equates beautiful skin and the better you rest, the better your skin repairs itself.

A mind and body that are always on the move and are hard pressed against time would seldom have a relaxed, healthy looking skin. So, next time do your skin a favour and take that much needed nap in the afternoon.



As much as it might sound distressing, but a tired looking skin is not a skin concern that one has to live on with forever. There is a defined approach to bringing that suppleness back to your skin and glowing with all the health. We list down a few points to bear in mind.

  1. Drink lots of water – The better hydrated your skin, the more energized and active it looks. Water is God’s elixir to mankind, a form of natural moisturization for skin. 

2. Indulge in physical exercise – Even in your work from home schedules, give those screen time a break. Indulge in some form of physical stretching, cardio or weight training. The physical stimulation would pay off well in the glow on your skin.

3. Practice Mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises – Calm your mind and inner senses. The piousness and serenity of the soul reflects well in the ethereal glow on the skin. They say people with a graceful skin well into their aging years are the ones who have lived the most serendipitous lives through their youth. Keep stress at bay as much as possible and relive yourself of unnecessary mental trash and anxieties.

4. Use effective skincare products – Tired, dull looking skin is a legitimate skin concern, so choose your skin care products accordingly. Ingredients like Licorice, Mango Seed Butter, Sweet Almond oil have been researched thoroughly over the years and have been found exceedingly effective in treating a pigmented lackluster skin. We strongly suggest you to lay your hands on our Complexion Brightening Face Wash, Complexion Brightening Hydrant and Complexion Fortifying Pack that have been particularly formulated to help women get rid of dull skin. There are other products as well under the specific skin concern of ‘DULL TIRED SKIN’ that are all dermatologically recommended to cure this particular skin concern.

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