This Father’s Day Show Your Dad How Much You Care

We sure do love our moms unconditionally and rather leave no chance to express the same. But with fathers, though the love remains same, the gestures are not that expressive! Mothers are intrinsically configured in a way that they manifest their love for the child in a lot of tangible ways. But with fathers, there is a paradoxical upholding of emotions for the sake of maintaining an upright stature as the head of the family.

This may be attributed to the conditioning of men to not be too emotive or explicitly descriptive of how they feel. But probably the pandemic changed that for the better. The lockdown phase has in some ways brought the families together and made the bonds stronger than before.

With men taking responsibility of household chores and lending an equal hand in taking care of the children, the gender parity at least with respect to domestic responsibilities has somewhat blurred.

The modern day fathers do not mind changing diapers, feeding milk to their toddlers or even dishing out wholesome meals for their grown-ups. These are nothing but their subdued ways of showing how much they love and care.

This Father’s Day, let’s just take the turn and show the most significant man in our life how much they mean. After all, what is the true essence of love and passion if not expressed and realized to its recipient?



With the ongoing pandemic upheaval and all the dispiriting that the families have witnessed together, Father’s Day makes for a befitting moment to show our love to our fathers. This rock-solid member of the family, who keeps us all together, needs to be celebrated with much aplomb.

The current home-confinement phase due to the Covid situation has put a lot of restrictions on the activities that we can do. We share with you some of the simple but well thought of things that you can still do for your father from the comforts of your home.

– Do not just wish him, but give him a tight hug (no matter how embarrassing and out of the order it may feel initially) and tell him in words, how much you love them.

– Express what they mean to you and how you would always be by their side no matter what. These comforting words in such distressing times can probably be the best assurance you can give to your loved ones.

– Flowers might not fall in the category of what pleases men, but let’s break some rules this time. Gift him a bouquet of flowers with a heartfelt note written in all genuineness.

– Make the effort to cook his favorite meal at home (including only his favorites) and have an intimate family dinner dedicated exclusively to him. You may each raise a toast, describing just how much he means to you. Celebrating someone is all about making him/her feel special.

– If exquisite champagnes and wines find a liking with him, gifting a well-wrapped bottle of an expensive fine-labeled bottle maybe a good idea.

– Design the entire day around his likings. With restrictions on moving out during the lockdown, you may well watch his favourite movie together or a sitcom and spend some quality time. You may also indulge in playing fun board games together as a family and enrich your bond with some freestyle banter and laughs.

– They say ‘the best gift you can give someone is the luxury of spending time together.’ Talk your heart out to him. Have an unfiltered conversation. There is nothing more therapeutic and reviving than a deep, empathetic conversation with someone you love. Share aspects of your life that you may have never talked about, give him an insight into what’s going on.

– Social distancing has seeped in feelings of aloofness and social depravation and people are feeling lonelier than ever before. To cheer up his spirits, you can probably arrange a video call with all of his friends together or his extended family. This would just uplift his demeanour and make him feel connected and belonging.

– Finally, we suggest you to take the ‘pamper him to the hilt’ route and gift him some skincare products that he can indulge in. Apart from expressing themselves vividly, fathers are also not too great at taking care of themselves. We recommend gifting him the ‘D-Tan Face Wash’, D-Tan Face Scrub’, D-Tan Face Pack and

D-Tan Facial Cleanser from our range. These products would gently take away all the tan or pigmentation from his skin and give him a soothing, luxuriant experience. Indulging in a D-I-Y home facial session with our ‘Express white facial kit might also be a good bonding together idea.

You may order the products a few days in advance and enjoy a self-pampering session at home in each other’s company.

The biggest takeaway from the pandemic has been to love our life and relationships over anything else. Families are the greatest treasures of our life and no amount of materialism can ever replace the sense of security that relationships bring with themselves. On this note, let each day be an opportunity to express to your loved ones how much you care!

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