Myth – Age Spots Or Dark Spots Are Just A Sign Of Early Aging

The coveted French fashion designer ‘Coco Chanel’ had very rightly pronounced and we quote, “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” Aging is a perennial fear that haunts a lot of us. More than aging, the symptoms or signs that make you realize, rather force you to accept the new state of being aged, are more nerve-wracking. These signs first appear on the skin of our face, as that is the most delicate and exposed area of our body. 

The three key signs of aging on the face are predominantly – fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and a loss of elasticity, and deep wrinkles. Sadly, there are a lot of arbitrary statements and myths floating around aging, that need to be debunked as of yesterday.

Disclaimer: do not believe the following thread of statements as they hold no truth and are merely unsubstantiated myths.

  1. Age Spots or dark spots are caused only as a result of aging (redressing this myth today for you!)
  2. Smiling “too much” causes fine lines! (God forbid, any one of us should ever stop smiling)
  3. Crossing your legs causes varicose veins (So, should all the ladies out there stop crossing their legs while sitting?)
  4. Your skin repairs at night, so it is best to leave it bare and with no skincare. (My Night Repair cream and I are friends for life!)

These are all imaginative thoughts that are being sprung into the layman’s conscious as part of the marketing strategy and rather contrivance by various skincare and cosmetic companies, as an agenda to foster their visibility and sales. Or else, just hyperbolic misrepresentation of some half-knowledge by amateur, self-proclaimed ‘beauty and skin experts’ or ‘beauty influencer’. We are not buying any of them lying flat and won’t let our loyalist customers too.


How are Age Spots or Dark-spots caused?


MELANIN is a notorious pigment that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes. It is formed by cells, known as melanocytes. These cells are found in the outer layer of our skin. We all have an almost similar number of melanocytes in our bodies. However, subject to various factors, these cells produce varying amounts of melanin in different people. Melanin, in moderation, is a protective pigment, that impedes the penetration of harmful, cancer-inducing UVA radiation into our skin cells and DNA. But if produced in outnumbered quantities or high concentration, the excess melanin causes age-spots, dark-spots as well as hyperpigmentation condition. 

Over-prolonged and direct exposure to the ultravioletrays inflates the production of melanin in our skin. And hence the appearance of the unpleasant spots on the face area, neck (as well as decolletage), back of the hands and feet. 


Who is more prone to the condition of age spots, dark-spots, and hyperpigmentation?

Age-spots are generally flat, oval-shaped areas of accumulated pigmentation. Generally, light to dark brown, they may vary in size, from being very small (almost freckle size) to slightly bigger (about ½ inch), depending upon the concentration of the melanin pigment in that area. 

Usually, people with lighter skin tone tend to get more affected with age-spots. They already have lesser melanin in their skin, and when they are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, they tend to absorb more UV rays and bear the brunt. 

People who stay outdoors in the open sun or live in areas where the sun is on top for most of the year are more likely to suffer from this condition. Deduced, the sun is the main culprit and the reason for age-spots, dark-spots, and pigmentation on the skin. 

Few women experience the emergence of age-spots due to hormonal imbalance during their pregnancy as well. But this condition is not common to all. So, though, the pregnancy glow is for real, and the acne does disappear during pregnancy and your hair does grow at breakneck speed, a few women might encounter the condition of having a few freckle-like brown spots on their skin during pregnancy.


How to prevent age-spots and dark-spots?

A lot of people call ‘age-spots’ ‘liver-spots’, but dermatologists prefer to call them our ‘wisdom-spots’. Those are spots that remind us to be more prudent when stepping out in the sun and saving ourselves from the harsh effects of those mutilating UV rays. Sometime, somewhere in our life, we must have stepped out, without putting that protective Sunscreen shield on, or maybe would have not reapplied it after a few hours. Or maybe would have enjoyed tanning under the beach sun, for a little too long. These spots are just a reminder of all those oblivious times. 

Though innocuous, age spots aren’t a visual treat either. They do diminish and veil the beauty and appeal of the person. Too many of them clamped together look unpleasant and take away from the flawlessness of the skin.

Preventing the advent of age-spots is far less expensive than treating them later. Religiously use a Sun Protection lotion every time you step out of home. Do not forget to reapply the same every two hours. But before that, cleanse and clean your face properly. Choose a face wash that suits your skin type and hydrates it well, without making the skin too dry. Close and tighten the pores with a toner. We suggest using the Classic Cucumber Toner or Classic Rose Toner from the Ozone Ayurvedics’ range. Moisturize well with a replenishing day cream suiting your specific skin type. And then apply your sun protection lotion (for dry to normal skin) or gel (for normal to oily skin) in ample amounts. It is recommended to use it even while you are planning to stay indoors. 

If you already have these spots, experts advise looking for skin lightening ingredients in your skincare products; natural ingredients that are rich in Vitamin C, like lemon, amla, and orange. We suggest using the ‘Complexion Brightening Face Wash’, ‘Perfect Skin Tone Face Wash’, ‘Glo Radiance Replenishing Face Pack’, ‘Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel’, ‘Radiance Renewing Day Cream’ and ‘Glo Radiance Luminous Skin Protection Lotion’ from the Ozone’s shelf of organic, ECOCERT sustainability certified products. Our experts strongly advise against using anything that contains harmful and harsh chemicals or lightening agents that claim to disappear these age-spots with regular use. 

Sun protection is our most potent wall of defense against fighting age-spots or dark-spots. Next time, when someone tries to sell you that age-spots are inevitable if one is growing old, please state the facts right for them. Educate them on the use of sun protection and not staying out in the sun for very long periods. 

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