ORGANIC BEAUTY – Loving our skin while CARING for the Planet

The whole world today is tilting towards the concept of ‘ORGANIC BEAUTY’ and for good enough reason, but ‘Ozone Ayurvedics’ had unearthed and warmed up to the ideology years ago. The very foundations of the ‘Ozone Ayurvedic’ products are built upon harnessing the ceaseless benefits and ascendency of ‘ORGANIC BEAUTY’.

While our lives are getting more fast-paced, with technology robustly taking over almost every aspect, it is in our best interests that we turn to more virtuous and unadulterated ways when it comes to taking care of our bodies. And our hair and skin being the most reflective mirrors of our inner health, it becomes imperative to be cautious of the products that we bring them in direct contact with. Experts at Ozone Ayurvedics have since forever, relentlessly reiterated the infallible goodness of the organic way of producing beauty products. Loving our skin, while caring for the planet!


What is ‘ORGANIC BEAUTY’ and how is it beneficial?


The product categories that the beauty industry majorly thrives upon are hair and skincare and the cosmetics range. The retail market is thronged with numerous brands serving both the categories, but only a few illustrious ones with superlative quality credentials in their kitty, manage to stand out.

We, at Ozone Ayurvedics, hold a real-time testimony to this as our research and skin expert teams soil their hearts outreaching to the rarest of ingredients and building their entire product formulations around them. Our mission is to redefine beauty industry standards, by bringing forth products that are not just miraculous on our skin, but also contribute to saving the planet.

Organic beauty is the formulation of cosmetic products using ethically and organically farmed ingredients. They are natural and devoid of any chemicals or synthetic polymers being used even at the time of cultivation; grown on the natural soil without the use of any artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms. Superlative in quality, the final product is a benediction to not just the consumer, but also to the workforce involved in its manufacture and to the environment as well. 

Experts at Ozone Ayurvedics had dawned upon the realization of the unprecedented benefits of Organic skincare products almost three decades back, but it is only a joy that the world is opening up to the realization now. 

Through all these years, we have worked hard upon bringing to the shelf, nature’s most restorative and nourishing ingredients in the form of our concern-specific skincare ranges. There are the Jasmine Range, and the Glo-Radiance range with product categories spanning across cleansers, toners, face masks, oilsmoisturizers, and much more. 

If you are a fervent believer in the richness of organic and natural skin care products, may we introduce to you some of the best-selling products from our collection? Having stood the test of times, these products pride themselves on being the constants in the wish lists of our loyal customers.



Glo Radiance Luminous Skin Protection Lotion – True to the commitment, the product indulges enormously the vast benefits of active natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera extract, Sweet Almond oil, Mango Seed Butter, and Willow Bark extract. An ideal daily decadence for all skin types, the lotion serves optimum protection against UVA/UVB rays effectively reversing the visible signs of aging. And resonating with the title, it does lend sheen luminosity to the skin.

Glo Radiance Facial Oil – Not just a wardrobe overhaul, change of season also rings the bell to put those summer skincare products off the shelf. The substitutes are thicker, intense, and more nourishing creams and facial oils. Infused with the reinvigorating properties of natural ingredients like Almond, Apricot, Argan, Grapeseed, wheat germ, and Rosehip oil, this miraculous facial oil serves as the much-needed luxury indulgence that would snug your skin against all the dry, winter chills. The oil absorbs seamlessly into the skin making it look supple and radiant from within.

Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel – Skin experts advocate using natural skincare products that serve the bilateral purpose of redressing the specific skin concerns while healing and revitalizing the skin from deep within. A moisturizer for dry skin can do little to suffice the needs of sensitive acne-prone skin. ‘One fit for all’ isn’t the most preferred norm to adopt when it comes to skincare. Suited best for oily to normal skin, this intensely moisturizing lightweight facial gel penetrates deep within the layers, giving a non-sticky external appearance. 

Acne Check Face Wash – A skin already braving through the shackling effects of a breakout and an acne situation, would last need a skincare product that further aggravates and furies the damage. Resorting to an organic skincare product shall be best advisable. Permeated with natural detoxifying agents like aloe vera, neem, and lemon, this face wash selectively clears the oil around the pores to give you a visibly cleaner appearance. 


Look for authentic certifications in your organic skincare products

A certification lends another layer of authenticity to organic and natural products and also allows them to be commercialized worldwide. ‘Ozone Ayurvedics’ beauty products are ‘ECOCERT’ certified; one of the internationally revered certifications for eco-friendly and organically farmed production practices. Ozone is committed to bringing to its consumers the most natural and organic skin and hair care while caring for and preserving the environment.


Adopting ‘Organic Beauty’ is beneficial for your skin

Non-organic products are overwhelmed with synthetic ingredients like petroleum, parabens, man-made chemicals sodium laurel, sulfate, and toxins that can be residues of pesticides. They might provide instant gratification and visible results, but in the long run, they do much more harm than good. They are invasive and allergenic and may lead to skin diseases, organ toxicity, and many more complications, up to the extent of cancer. Certified Organic and natural skin care products may though take a little longer to show results but they are long-lasting and far gentler on the skin.