This Makar Sankranti, Add A Renewed Glow To Your Skin

MAKAR SANKRANTI is an ancient festival in the Hindu calendar that celebrates new beginnings. It is one of those few festivals that is observed in congruence with the solar cycle, while most other festivals follow the lunar cycle of the lunisolar. The day is dedicated to the deity Surya (Sun), the lord of power, strength, inner glow, and self-reliance.

Marking the first day of the Sun’s transit into the Makara Rashi (Capricorn), the day paves way for the end of the month with the winter solstice and the usher of longer days. Leaving the sluggish, lethargic, inactive days of winters behind, the festival looks forward to greater prosperity and gaiety in the summer days ahead.

Considered a very auspicious day for new beginnings, it is celebrated with a lot of social fanfare with people flying colorful kites, distributing sweets, organizing bonfires and feasts. People with deeply embedded religious beliefs and inclinations also take baths in sacred rivers to absolve their past deeds and draw blessings for new onsets. 

For anyone who wishes to make a fresh start from the scratch, Makar Sankranti can be considered a good day to take that first step. After all the debilitating exertions of New Year celebrations, fourteen days into the new year, Makar Sankranti makes for a very strong case to start afresh and tabula rasa. 


Get Glowing Skin this Makar Sankranti


Women often wonder, ‘How to get glowing skin while getting rid of skin problems?’ This Makar Sankranti, may we suggest you turn over a new leaflet in your skincare and get rid of all the skin concerns and flaws just the way one has vindicated off all their past sins on this day.

Since it is devoted to the supremacy of the deity Sun, we shall too, seek to glow and radiate and bring out our inner luminosity to the fore. Ozone Ayurvedics’ Glo Radiance range works specifically on highlighting and bringing forth an inner radiance on the face that gives a very natural shine. It works targeted at our specific skin concerns and heals and repairs the skin cells.

Leaning on the goodness of natural and organic products, the Glo Radiance range lends such a natural sheen to your skin, that is hard to miss. It is almost as if your skin is radiating light beams. The only reason behind achieving such a miraculous pedigree of results is that each of the Glo Radiance product is laden with organic revitalizing ingredients. There is no use of alcohol or parabens or any harmful allergenic chemicals.

They are well-researched formulations based on years of study and knowledge that have been put into designing these products. Aloe Vera, Shea Seed Butter, Mango Seed Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile Oil, Wheatgerm Oil are some of the natural ingredients that go into this skincare range. And who does not know the ubiquitous benefits of the sacred Aloe Vera in skincare?


Young women often suffer from skin flaws like acne, pigmentation, dark circles, scars, blemishes, and dullness that carve a dent in their self-esteem and confidence. Rather than blindly falling into the lure of using those well packaged and marketed skin care products that only deliver makeshift results, it is best advised to depend upon organic and natural skincare. It is only for their unparalleled and incontestable results that homemade packs and DIY’s are so preferred over any other advertised or aggressively marketed products. The results are long-term, deep-rooted, and far more intense than anything else around.

At Ozone Ayurvedics’, we had realized the goodness of these organic ingredients much earlier. This Makar Sankranti pledge to diverge to these phenomenal skincare products following your specific skin concern. There is an all-encompassing range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrub, day cream, night cream, facial oils, sun protection and much more. And we cater to all skin types from oily, dry, normal, combination to sensitive. 

Get rid of that dull skin that has been diminishing your aura for so long. The inner radiant YOU needs to shine through everything else. Do your skin a favor this Makar Sankranti. Treat it to a new ritual, new skincare, and all the love and pampering that it so deserves. Make new beginnings and with all good confidence begin the ardent ritual of religiously using natural products that take good care of your skin. We take pride in presenting to our fellow women the endless benefits of the Glo Radiance range that harnesses the richness of all the unadulterated organic ingredients that have been derived directly from nature.

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