A petite vagina is endowed with “self-cleansing” property and this takes place in the form of elimination of vaginal discharge. For women who have prolific age, the discharge is of common occurrence. However, it becomes a key concern if the discharge changes in color, odor and texture. It is clear indication that something is not going right inside the vagina. In normal circumstances, the vaginal discharge contains by-products from bacterial activities, mucus and fluids excreted from cervix, dead epithelial cells from the vagina walls, besides salt and the water.

Vaginal infections form a significant part of the health problem in women. These infections are among the leading causes for women to seek medical advice at regular intervals from the gynaecology polyclinics. Researches in this field point that each year around 90 to 110 women from across the globe are met with genital infections such as UTIs and bacterial vaginosis. Few of the known risk factors behind the occurrence of vaginal infections are pregnancy, poor perineal hygiene, extremely low menstrual hygiene, extended antibiotics and steroid therapy, diabetes mellitus besides immunodeficiency.

Behaviours like smoking and alcohol consumption, contraception, frequent sexual intercourse, abortion, use of synthetic contraceptive methods, multiparity as well as malnutrition also result in the development of severe vaginal infections.

If vaginal infections are diagnosed early, appropriate treatment can be initiated. Besides, it is also necessary that you take precautions to improve vaginal health and personal hygiene.  The best way to do it is by applying herbal feminine hygiene products. Regular use of herbal intimate hygiene wash is going to make your day enriching. The intimate vaginal wash also gives the intimate area the essential supply of nutrients, which are necessary for maintaining the microenvironment.

Routine Feminine Hygiene: How to go about?

Resident bacteria in the vaginal region are effective in maintaining the acidic pH and put a strong fight against the exogenous pathogens by remaining close to the vaginal mucosa. These bacteria have a symbiotic association with vulva and vaginal skin and quite instrumental in fending off pathogens by expelling antimicrobial compounds, like bacteriocin. However, with an onset of severe infections, resident bacteria start losing the fight against bad bacteria.

Following the strict feminine hygiene practices becomes quite vital, and feminine hygiene products make the way up the ladder. Since chemically produced soaps are known to cause mild to severe irritation on vulvar skin and vaginal mucous membranes, there use is not recommended. Female intimate hygiene with herbal base has multi diversity role to play. The product is hypoallergenic, pH friendly and provides strong protection against dryness. It does not contain any irritants too.

Taking care of the feminine hygiene routine is one of the significant aspects that should not be undermined by women. Use of herbal feminine hygiene products will make the world down much better and free from the infections. Feminine hygiene products like 1M intimate wash maintain the microflora of the vagina, and you do not feel any awkwardness down there, primarily due to irritation or burning sensation, when in the public.