Glowing and refreshing skin is a dream/desire for every girl, Right? But in a regular routine, you all suffer from a lot of pollution and harmful UVA radiations that makes your skin tan and unfresh. An exclusive product by Ozone Ayurvedics, Glo Radiance Cell Removal Exfoliant Face Scrub that helps in making your skin more natural and glowing by removing the dead surface from the top layers of the skin, enriched with moisturizing and nourishing Mango Seed Butter, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Apricot, hydrating aloe vera and refreshing mint, Ozone’s Mango Skin Perfecting Face Scrub for dry and normal skin gently yet effectively exfoliates for deep cleaning without abrasion, refines pores and induces skin renewal to delivers the smoother, softer, perfect skin texture with gorgeous glowing complexion that your skin deserves for sure!

If you have sensitive and dry skin then it’s enough to use Ozone’s Acne Check Face once in a day that helps in pimples, acne and oil from the skin and if your skin is extremely oily then you must wash two times a day during the morning and night.


Glowing Skin:  Cell Renewal Exfoliant Face Scrub helps to keep your skin renewal and more glowing as it converts dead tissues into healthy ones by clearing up the skin and rushing blood to the face that promotes fresh cell growth, thus ensures you with the glowing skin that you always want!

Proper Cleansing: If you think that simple face wash can easily match the action of Glo Radiance Cell Renewal Exfoliant Face Scrub then you’re having a myth. The deeper cleanser helps in properly lifting the oil, dull skin cells, dirt, grime and blocked pores[acne and blackheads] to give you a proper cleansing that are crucial for your healthy skin cells

Prepares your skin: The way before starting the painting, artist prepares his canvas, same way Ozone’s Glo Radiance Cell Renewal Exfoliant Face Scrub prepares your skin to spread and absorb the next products like serums, moisturisers, creams and sunscreen by working on the clogged pores that stops the nutrients from penetrating the skin


Want to get the finest experience from exfoliate facial scrub for dry and normal skin, then must read till the end!

  1. You must use the exfoliant face scrub once in a day, mainly in the evening when you come back from work, along with this use a face wash in the morning  that suits your skin.
  • By using the most natural ingredients with moisturizing and nourishing Mango Seed Butter, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Apricot, hydrating aloe vera and refreshing mint, Exfoliant Scrub that is a completely soft and can easily get dissolve while you wash your face and never use abrasives, nut powders, shell powders and other things that can roughen your skin.
  • Chemical peel product containing some amount of salicylic acid [BHA], lactic acid and glycolic acid, can be used in the daily skin care routine as it really goes deeper to resolve the scarring issues, pigmentation and damages to bring the healthy and glowing skin, back o track
  • People who have acne, must scrub the face gently as the inflamed skin makes the things unacceptable for acne and to give your skin the finest treatment Always Always! follow -up Ozone’s Glo Radiance Cell Renewal Exfoliant Face Scrub along with Ozone’s Moisturizer [Herbal Classic or Jasmine]


  1. Apply the Face scrub in your neck as well while applying on your skin to see the finest results after some washes.
  2. If your surroundings are exposed to the pollution and dirt then  you must use Ozone’s face scrub for dry skin, once in a day and if you don’t go outside on a daily basis then using it 3-4 times in a week is enough!
  3. Before applying makeup after the exfoliation facial scrub, you must settle the things down by using moisturizer to your face to get the perfect look that you want!